Big muscular Minotaur

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A big muscular Minotaur is out of his clothes and is ready to put the equine erection of his to use on his peers, his erection is extra mighty, big enough to scare away the tiny 3D gnome who’s giving his big cock a polish, but it’s the human captive that’s scared the most, as it seems like he’s the one who will be feeling the big 3D monster cock between his ass cheeks as the minotaur got fired up enough to bang his brains out.


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Big 3D cum loads

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There’s no bigger friendship than the friendship between 3D gay cartoon fuck friends who have spent years together, learning the curves of each other’s bodies and getting used to shaping each others back entrances with their big stiff dicks. Getting them untangled once they start having wild sex is not something done easily, as they have lots of muscles and a great grip, so they aren’t letting go of each other until they have both shot their big 3D cum loads into each other,


only then do they step back and admire each other’s sculpted bodies.

Big 3D chump

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A big 3D chump with a massive 3D erection has gotten himself several cute teen twinks who are his willing sex slaves, doing everything and anything he wants them to do. He’s trained them well to like his huge 3D dick and has them polishing it around the clock – a perpetual 3D erection like his demands a lot of attention from horny guys. There’s not much he hasn’t done to these cute 3D gay cartoon fuck friends, he’s stuffed their faces, banged their asses and sodomized them in all kinds of poses,


giving himself satisfaction while ravaging them silly.

Finely sculpted males

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Two finely sculpted males with fit bodies, blonde hair and blue eyes are all about fucking the brains out of each other – any woman would love banging them silly, but their cocks are only for each other. Free colored gay comic in front of you shows all kinds of things they like to do when they’re alone as well as how do they get their their kink on, sex in the shower room, fucking at the gym and on the floor of the bedroom, all of this and much more can be seen in some of the best drawn gay comics


you’ve laid your eyes on.

Sex in the shower

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Wet, sizzling hot, slippery and with improvized lube at arm’s length – there’s nothing quite like sex in the shower, and this doesn’t go just for straight couples, gay couples can enjoy themselves in the shower as well. In this comic they fuck in a school shower, classes are done and they’re not likely to be interrupted by anyone curious to see where the sounds of gay lovemaking are coming from. Free gay comic is fully colored and you can read it as well as


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Nice gay fuck in a haystack

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Countryside may not be the most enlightened area to live in, but there too you can find some delicious looking gay couples who enjoy fucking when their friends are not keeping an eye on them. Colored gay comic in front of you introduces us to a twink couple, two cute teens who have discovered that fucking with men is so much more fun than worrying about females,


and they got plenty of chances to fuck seeing how they work on keeping the barn clean together – a nice gay fuck in a haystack is a great way to start the day off.

Huge drawn penis for his viewing pleasure

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What is the world coming to, it is no longer safe to take a walk through the park without running into a pervert or two! This fresh high school boy has encountered a flasher with no clothes under his hood at all, he just popped his hood open and produced a huge drawn penis for his viewing pleasure. The teen got excited immediately, and couldn’t help but wonder just how would it feel to suck on that stiff rod of pleasure. If you’re wondering about his gay experiences as well,


here’s a free gay comic showing how much fun he had satisfying a pervert orally.

Hardcore comic gays

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Red hair and red beards, this is indeed an irish family during a reunion that involves only males of this particular clan. How about checking in on them to see what important matters are they discussing without their wives? Whoops! Seems like we’re interrupting something extremely interesting, all of these guys are hardcore comic gays who can’t get enough of fucking within the family, their stiff cocks out in the open and the asses of youngest family


members ready to take on some hardcore punishment.

Gay comic fucking

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Men in this family are bosses of the house, and once or twice per year they gather in a hunting cabin for a vacation away from their wives, sisters and daughters. Why do they do that? Well, there’s planning of family affairs, and catching up to what they have all been up to, but the number one reason for these bear men to gather up in the forest is to have a sinful gay orgy where nobody can catch them in action, they go all out and introduce newly legal


boys in the family to all of the pleasures of gay comic fucking.

Cute ebony boy

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Cute ebony boy was rummaging through his step dad’s drawer looking for some porn, but he found something he definitely didn’t expect to see there – a great collection of various sex toys, from anal plugs and beads to huge dildos that look like they’ve seen a lot of action. That’s when his new dad walked in on him and decided to teach him a thing or two about why would he have these toys in the first place. The hot gay comic book banging that ensued is


more than enough to get your blood boiling.

Some delicious ass

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Teen who’s scared of the dark is getting a bravery treatment from his step dad while the mommy is not at home. Don’t ask how he discovered this, but some delicious ass munching is all it takes for the kid to turn down the lights and be able to sleep well. His step dad is not satisfied with just licking that tight gay ass, he wants to see if a good gay fuck will keep him from being scared for several nights in a row, so he goes all out, screwing that delicious ass


and making sure that the neighbors don’t hear them in action.

Hardcore gay sex

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It’s sunday again, and this cute teen twink knows what that means – it means his mature patron will drop by and have some fun with his delicious ass! He wants everything to be perfect for his gay comic encounter, so he slips into the shower and lubes his ass up well, preparing it for a quick enema shower that will purify him from the inside, allowing him to more easily handle full length of his patron and enjoy the anal banging to the fullest,


it’s why he likes weekends the most as that’s the only time he can spare for hardcore gay sex.

Gay scenes will rock you

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It’s not just humans in 3D comics that are showing the tendency to make love to the members of the same genre – here are some gay aliens and monsters for you to feast your eyes on, from humanized felines to all out alien creatures with monstrous figures and a drive for 3D gay sex. Some are just stroking their reproductive shafts, some are fucking their gay friends, and some are experimenting with cross species gay pollination.


If you like fantasy gay banging, this collection of gay scenes will rock your world.

3D gay monster fuck collection

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A raid on the human village few hills away has produced a brand new captive for these 3D muscular orcs to play with. It’s a villager with a very nice build, he’s pretty big, but still shorter and smaller than the green beasts that captured him and are preparing to bang the brains out of him. Nobody is allowed to interfere as they bend him over and use their massive 3D dicks all the way up his holes, one monster cock for his ass and one for his throat,


roasting him in an evil 3D gay monster fuck collection that’s going to rock your world.




New worker on a construction site has to go homosexual

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With this new free homosexual cartoons gallery you get to see what does first day at work look adore for a legal age teenager chap who has just joined a construction company that is famous for allowing homo studs in. While anything was good and dandy during work hours, the built chaps around him were doing their duties and nothing else, as soon as the break was announced all of the rugged bear homos whipped their dicks out and got hold of the nearest chap, determined to making love him silly,


and the new guy got nailed as well in his straight toon ass that is not going gay.

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